Mr. Shaun Edward Lee is third generation in the mechanical business Mr. Lee has worked in all facets of the business from apprentice to CEO with more than 30 years in the mechanical industry (heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting and plumbing) with over 17 years in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Co-Generation.

Mr. Lee has completed over 350 Energy Efficiency Mechanical upgrade projects around North America and Eastern Europe. Mr. Lee saw the future of Energy in the Conservation Sector with Solar and bankable renewable energy technologies including Fuel Cells and Micro-Turbines back in 1997. His company installed one of the first Capstone Micro-Turbines in the United States in 1998 due to the need to reduce the demand electricity costs of his own mechanical company.

While completing numerous consulting projects in the HVAC Industry, he worked for Sanyo North America as the unit manager and sales engineer of the new environmentally friendly ECO Multi product for North America. He conducted speaking engagements for utility companies (Southern California Edison, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and the City of Santa Monica) on Energy conservation from 1999-2004. He coordinated technical problem solving on projects from high rises and hotels in New York City to office buildings in Maui, Hawaii.

Mr. Lee completed water, electricity and natural gas reduction with Co-generation projects in the State of Nevada for large scale casinos and in Southern California including Disneyland and Pechanga Casino. Mr. Lee worked on a facilitation agreement to develop projects quicker and easier. This process was accelerated with the development of energy saving projects in the Supermarket Industry. This Green Energy Sustainable Agreement “GESA” will now provide funding for stores all over the U.S. with Source Refrigeration and other large mechanical contractors.

In 2010, Mr. Lee moved to South Florida. The first project designed by Mr. Lee with AIRSTRON, a South Florida Mechanical Contractor, was Turnberry on the Green Condominium. This design reduced energy use by nearly 75% resulting in a Green Award from the City of Aventura of North Miami. Mr. Lee had never seen or worked on this type of facility previously.

Mr. Lee, Director of Field Operations for GESS, has spent the last 3 years learning the Russian language and developing ideas for Eastern Europe. Currently GESS using GESA is working with three (3) entire Cities in Ukraine with including Myrgorod, Krivoy Rog and Zaporozyhe.

As Director of Field Operations for Green Energy Sustainable Solutions "GESS" on July 1, 2013, signed a five year Exclusive Dealer Agreement for Capstone Micro-Turbines in Ukraine. The Exclusive Agreement provides GESS Consulting Ukraine a cornerstone opportunity for long term success and sustainability. The Capstone Micro-turbine can produce electricity, hot water and cooling from the same fuel source making it an efficient use of Ukraine's available energy either with natural gas, bio-gas and or bio-mass. Capstone Micro-turbines creates numerous energy saving and on-site energy production opportunities.

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